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The field of archaeological sciences deals with the development and application of methods from the natural, exact and computer sciences for the study of archaeological remains pertinent to human physical, cultural, social and technological evolution.

The Department of Archaeological Sciences in the University of Haifa is the first and only one of its kind in Israel.

Research and teaching faculty integrate approaches and methods from the natural and exact sciences into archaeology, to gain a better understanding of past societies and human behavior.

Faculty of the department engage in a variety of multi- and inter-disciplinary areas of research that include: bio-archaeology, zoo-archaeology, botanical archaeology, geo-archaeology, archaeo-metallurgy, archaeological chemistry (inorganic and organic), environmental archaeology, and computational archaeology.

Major research themes cover questions regarding the formation of archaeological sites via geo-archaeology of site sediments, movement of people and of artifacts (stone tools, ceramics, metals) according to microscopic, elemental, and stable isotope compositions, ancient crafts (pottery making, metallurgy, construction materials such as mudbricks and plaster), trade connections across the Mediterranean, and human involvement with animals and plants. All these are studied using new tools that are transforming the field of archaeology.

Ten (10) analytical laboratories feature state-of-the-art research facilities in the field of archaeological sciences in the School of Archaeology and Maritime Cultures. Research involves all types of materials found at archaeological sites – stone, ceramic and metal artifacts, animal and human bones and teeth, sediments and microscopic botanical and faunal remains. The archaeological materials are characterized using various types of microscopes, spectrometers, mass-spectrometers, scanners, image analysis, and more. See details in the pages of each faculty member/laboratory.

The Department of Archaeological Sciences operates the only in Israel that provides a full study program that allows students to comprehend the linkages between archaeology and the natural, exact and computational sciences in a holistic manner in one institution. The department offers a program of studies towards a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree. The Teaching Program is international, conducted in English.

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