Academic Faculty - Department of Maritime Civilizations

Prof. Assaf Yasur-Landau

Research Areas: The ties between the Aegean and the Levant, maritime trade, coastal survey and Canaanite and Phoenician culture Laboratory: The Laboratory of Coastal Archaeology and Underwater Survey Phone: +972-4-78249934    Office: 106, Multipurpose Building Email:

Prof. Nimrod Marom

Head of Department     

Research Areas: Archaeozoology Laboratory: Laboratory of Mediterranean Archeozoology (MAR) Phone: +972-4-6647902 Office: 112, Multipurpose Building Email:

Prof. Gil Gambash

Research Areas: Ancient Mediterranean societies, synthesizing aspects of imperialism, economy, culture, and environment. Office: 110, Multipurpose Building Email:

Prof. Deborah Cvikel

Research Areas: shipwrecks and shipbuilding of the Ottoman period (1516–1918), and contemporary maritime history of the region Laboratory: Laboratory of Ancient Ship Construction Phone: +972-4-8240475   Office: 110, Multipurpose Building Email:

Prof. Dror Angel

Research Areas: Pelagic and benthic invertebrates, interactions between man and the marine environment and in finding practical (and sustainable) solutions to problems in the marine environment.. Laboratory: The Applied Marine Biology and Ecology Research (AMBER) Phone: +972-4-8288130 Office: 6, Multipurpose Building Email:

Prof. Hassan Khalilieh

Research Areas: History of Islamic maritime law, and Islamic law of the sea Phone: +972-4-8240737 Office: 110, Multipurpose Building Email:

Dr. David E. Friesem

Head of the International Program

Research Areas: Mediterranean Environmental History, Geoarchaeology, Anthropology Laboratory: The Laboratory for Environmental Micro-History Office: 111, Multipurpose building Email:

Dr. Emmanuel Nantet

Research Areas: Maritime archaeology, specialization in ancient ships Laboratory: Laboratory for Nautical Archaeology and History Phone: +972-4-6146252 Office: 9, Multipurpose Building Email:

Prof. Ruth Shahack-Gross

Research Areas: Understanding natural and anthropogenic processes that result in the formation of archaeological sites Laboratory: Laboratory for Sedimentary Archaeology Phone: +972-54-760-8637    Office: 116, Multipurpose Building Email:

Prof. (Emeritus) Sariel Shalev

Research Areas: Archaeology of metals and metallurgy in ancient Israel and the Levant Laboratory: Archaeomaterials Laboratory Phone: +972-4-8288060 Email:

Prof. (Emeritus) Ehud Spanier

Research Areas: Ecology, behavior and behavioral ecology of marine fish and invertebrates (especially lobsters), ecology of artificial reefs, biogeography of marine animals and biology of invasive marine organisms Email:

Prof. (Emeritus) Yossi Mart

Research Areas: Various phenomena associated with oceanic subduction, with continental break-up and rifting, with the sedimentological regime in the SE Mediterranean basin during the Oligo-Miocene, and with recent and sub-recent climate changes and their subsequent sealevel variations. Email:

Prof. (Emeritus) Michal Artzy

Research Areas: coastal and underwater archaeology, especially of the Carmel Coast Email:

Prof. (Emeritus) Dorit Sivan

Research Areas: Determining historical and prehistoric sea levels and how these relate to human civilizations. Email: