Amir Bar

M.A. Maritime Civilizations Department

“I am currently studying for a PhD in the Department of Marine Geosciences. I’m conducting my research at the environmental sedimentology lab. My research focuses on beachrock along Israel’s Mediterranean coastline. Since the beginning of my studies, I’ve worked as a research assistant on multiple fieldwork projects. I’ve collected rock and soil samples on land and at sea, and worked on sediment piercing and drilling surveys and various underwater projects, in addition to laboratory work, mainly petrography and mobile optical luminescence measurements. My most significant experiences have been participating in underwater excavations, as a diver and team leader, in the excavations of the sunken ship near the Akko Tower of Flies and the ancient Ma’agan Mikhael B shipwreck, as well as writing my thesis.

Following my M.A. studies in the Department of Maritime Civilizations, I decided to continue on for my PhD. Both the theoretical training, which includes in-depth courses in diverse disciplines, and the practical training for work at sea and on the coastline (and for writing scientific articles in English) have allowed me to excel in my current studies.”