Dr. Mia Elasar

Delphis organization, working for the marine mammals in Israel

PhD, Maritime Civilizations Department

“I started my doctoral studies in the Maritime Civilizations Department about ten years after graduating with my M.Sc. degree. I started in a state of uncertainty (Will we be able to find funding? Will my central research question prove its validity? Will I be able to successfully combine studies, parenting, and work?) but I finished with a wealth of enrichment.

I learned to plan out research projects and break them down into detailed components. I learned about new creatures and honed my knowledge of the marine environment, even after twenty years of research and teaching in the marine space.

Beyond the practical experience and my broadened horizons, the PhD has made a significant impact on my resume.

Beyond teaching marine science at the Israel Nautical College preparatory school in Akko, I currently serve as a research associate at the Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies at the University of Haifa. Together with senior researchers and volunteers, I founded the Delphis organization, which seeks to preserve and protect the marine mammal population inhabiting the shores of Israel. I also started my own business that provides marine ecology consulting and training. “