Lab Managers - Maritime Civilizations

Sonia Pinsky

Laboratory for Nautical Archaeology and History Headed by Dr. Emmanuel Nantet Research Areas: My research focuses mainly on lithic technologies with special focus on the later periods of the southern Levant, spanning from the Chalcolithic period to the biblical periods. My studies on assemblages from sites such as Fazael, Tel Jeezrael, Tel Hazor, Tel Esur, and Tel Tsaf, analyze the organization of lithic production within and between sites. I aim to develop the study of lithic assemblages from these later periods, especially those of the historic periods, a much required and neglected area of research. Phone: +972-4-824078 Room: 9, Multipurpose Building Email:

Liron Ackerstain

Laboratory of Ancient Ship Construction Headed by Prof. Deborah Cvikel Phone: +972-4-8240598 Room: 115, Multipurpose Building Email:
Phone: +972-4-8249448 Room: 6, Multipurpose Building Email:

Gal Bermatov Paz

Laboratory for Sedimentary Archaeology Headed by Prof. Ruth Shahack-Gross Phone: +972-4-6647979 Room: 116/2, Multipurpose Building Email:

Tanya Sokolsky

The Laboratory of Coastal Archaeology and Underwater Survey Headed by Prof. Assaf Yasur-Landau Phone: +972-4-8288948 Room: 106, Multipurpose Building Email: 

Roy Shfir

Laboratory of Mediterranean Archeozoology (MAR) Headed by Dr. Nimrod Marom Phone: +972-4-6647902 Room: 112, Multipurpose Building Email:

Roni Zuckerman

Laboratory for Environmental Micro-History  Headed by Dr. David E. Friesem Phone: +972-54-5888353 Email:  
טלפון: 054-5888353 דוא”ל: